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Welcome to The Siteman Law Group

The Outside In-House Counsel to Small BusinessesTM

The Siteman Law Group was founded to bring big-firm legal expertise to small and medium-sized businesses, as well as individual clients.  With over twenty-five years experience, SLG is well-positioned to meet the demands our clients face.  SLG is well-positioned to offer premium legal counsel in virtually every substantive area of business or personal need, while minimizing our clients’ costs.

The Siteman Law Group’s most important resource is, of course, Karen B. Siteman, Esq.  After graduating from a top-tier law school, Ms. Siteman has spent most of her career as general counsel to medium and large, closely held and publicly traded companies.  This gives her a unique ability to assist small to medium-sized businesses with their “outside in-house counsel” needs, bringing her experience and well-rounded perspective to her clients. 

Ms. Siteman’s twenty-five years of legal practice has developed expert and practical  knowledge of the law and business.  She has acted as general counsel of several companies and as a partner in a national top-tier law firm.  Her substantive experience includes all aspects of  general corporate law, banking and finance, litigation management, labor and employment, SEC matters, commercial agreements, intellectual property, trust and estate planning, IPO, real estate, and leasing.   Additionally, Ms. Siteman has developed a specialty in healthcare regulatory matters and transactional and insurance/risk management issues.  She is currently developing a strong mediation practice.

In consideration of the current economic climate, The Siteman Law Group recognizes the need for clients to install preventative measures and practices which will help preclude potential disputes and the resultant litigation. 

If you are seeking efficient, competent and affordable legal counsel, SLG invites you to contact us for a free consultation.

Karen B. Siteman, Esq.

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